Introducing Equal Exchange Geobars

Ashley Cheuk
April 1, 2012

Mixed Berry GeobarGeo-what, you say? Geobars bring a global Farmers' market direct to you - all in one delicious snack bar made with fairly traded ingredients. They're great on the go, in packed lunches, or shared at a group function.

Geobars were first launched in 1999 by Traidcraft, a U.K.-based alternative trade organization that was working with a group of grape farmers in South Africa. Their first cereal bars were only comprised of 10-20% Fair Trade ingredients (by weight). Twelve years and multiple product changes later, the Geobars of today have over 50% Fair Trade ingredients. This is an amazing accomplishment, and we're proud to now help bring Geobars to the U.S. market. The goal is to someday produce a 100% Fair Trade Geobar!

The primary farmer groups that are supported through the Equal Exchange Geobars are South African grape farmers, Pakistani apricot collectors, Chilean beekeepers and berry farmers, Indian rice farmers, and Thai rice farmers.

Equal Exchange Geobar varieties (available in a box of 6 bars):

  • Apricot - This fruity bar is a mix of wild apricots, juicy raisins, and sweet honey blended with toasted wheat flakes, oats and crisped rice.
  • Mixed Berries - Berry lovers! This bar is full of juicy raisins, blueberries and cranberries blended with toasted wheat flakes, oats, crisped rice and sweet honey.
  • Chocolate Raisin - This chocolaty bar has a mix of juicy raisins, cocoa, and dark chocolate chips blended with toasted wheat flakes, oats, crisped rice and sweet honey.

Nutritional info: