Chocolate & Cocoa


Equal Exchange chocolates and cocoas are crafted using only the purest ingredients, grown with care by small farmer co-ops. We source from these small farmer organizations because we believe they are the heart and soul of the Fair Trade movement.

Farmer Partners

  • The National Confederation of Dominican Cacao Producers (CONACADO) is an organization of small-scale cacao producers in the Dominican Republic.

  • Founded in 1952, the Multi-service Cacao Co-operative of Bocatoreña (COCABO) was the first agricultural co-operative established in Panama. COCABO is an organization of 1,500 small-scale cacao farmers.

  • The Agrarian Coffee Cooperative of the Apurimac River Valley (CACVRA) was formed in 1969 to market coffee for small-scale farmers in Peru.


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  • Key Ingredients
    • Equal Exchange Organic Earl Grey Tea
    • Equal Exchange Organic Panama Extra Dark Chocolate 
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  • Key Ingredients
    • Equal Exchange Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    • Equal Exchange Organic Bittersweet Chocolate Chips 
    • Equal Exchange Organic Baking Cocoa
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Meet the Team

  • Dary Goodrich
  • Kelsie Evans

From the Blog

  • June 5, 2009·
    Ashley Cheuk

    We held a contest here at Equal Exchange in West Bridgewater, Mass., to answer the question, "Who can come up with the best chocolate cocktail?" The judging panel consisted of me (Ashley Symons, nice to meet you), as well as Chocolate Products Coordinator Kelsie Evans, and Chocolate Products Manager Dary Goodrich.

    #chocolate #recipes
  • December 11, 2012·
    Charlie Brandes

    Meet Ed Bachleda, organizer of Equal Exchange sales at St. Catherine of Sienna church in Portage, Mich. I recently got to meet Ed and see firsthand how he organizes his inventory, and schedules volunteers to sell Equal Exchange fairly traded products after four masses twice each month.

    #coffee #fair trade
  • October 6, 2011·
    Jessica Jones-Hughes

    Costumes, candy, haunted houses, apple cider and the crisp fall air! There's much to love about Halloween.

  • October 23, 2013·
    Ashley Cheuk

    From well-loved products to brand new ones, we’ve got plenty of gift options that will be sure to put smiles on the faces of your friends and family this holiday season. And, you can feel good knowing your gift choices support small-scale farmers and their communities.

    #chocolate #coffee #fair foods #gift ideas #tea