Cold Brew

Uganda/Ethiopia | July-Sept 2013

Above right: Jennipher Wetaka, Nasufwa primary society, Gumutindo Co-operative


Naturally sweet, surprisingly creamy and rich, the cold brew method of making iced coffee is rightfully earning its place in café lineups.

Our Quality and Sales teams created a custom blend that highlights the delicate flavor and balance of this remarkable brew method.

This blend recipe artfully combines beans grown in different countries and processed through two different methods: washed and naturally processed (where the beans are fermented while still inside the coffee cherries). The flavor characteristics of the two distinctive origins complement each other beautifully, especially served iced!

Learn more about Cold Brew here:

Gumutindo & Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union

Uganda & Ethiopia

SL-28, SL-14 & 74112, Buni, and heirloom longberry varietals

1100-1350 MASL & 1800 MASL

Full City

Aromas of cocoa and molasses with ripe blueberries shining through in the cup.

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